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Starbucks menu: The Christmas edition

All pumpkin spiced out? The Starbucks Holiday Cups are back! Along with some seriously frosty temperatures... Starbucks has finally released all of your all old favorites, like the Peppermint Mocha and Eggnog Latte. Which one of these is your cup of tea.. er.. coffee?

New Starbucks menu

1. Peppermint Mocha Made with espresso, steamed milk, mocha sauce and a peppermint-flavored syrup, this drink will warm even the most cynical of Starbucks drinkers’ hearts. 2. Eggnog Latte This is Christmas in a cup: think rich, steamed eggnog coupled with a strong espresso. A dusting of ground nutmeg brings the finishing touch. 3. Caramel Brulée Latte Did your favorite dessert just get turned into a drink? Steamed milk, espresso, Caramel Brulée Sauce, whipped cream and a Caramel Brulée topping all come together to create the Starbucks Christmas drink of your dreams. 4. Gingerbread Loaf It’s not all Starbucks Christmas drinks: There’s nothing like a warm slice of spiced cake with some candied ginger, smooth vanilla icing and a hint of orange. Or is there? 5. Sugar Plum Cheese Danish If you love cheese, you’ll appreciate this: unctuous cream cheese surrounded by a fluffy Danish roll, topped with a spiced sugar plum spread. 6. Holiday turkey panini In need of a sandwich-shaped pick-me-up? This holiday-inspired ciabatta bread filled with turkey breast will do the job. Get it warm with cranberry-herb stuffing and turkey gravy: a miniature turkey dinner for one. Say it with a Starbucks Gift Card We know you like Starbucks as much as we do - and we’re guessing your friends do too. Why not help them beat that 3pm slump with a Starbucks gift card?

Redeem a Starbucks Gift Card

A Starbucks Card can bring a little goodness into everyone’s day. Whether you use it for your favorite flavored ice tea or give one to a friend who loves her morning mocha, it’s a great way for you or a loved one to enjoy a slice of happiness.
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