WoW Subscription code
WoW Subscription code

WoW Subscription code

How will I receive my code
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World of Warcraft 60 days

Benefits of
  • Order in minutes
    Order in minutes Simply choose the product and amount you need
  • Pay safely and securely
    Pay safely and securely Safe payment options, like Visa and PayPal
  • Get your code fast
    Get your code fast Receive your code on screen or by email
What can I use my WoW time card for?
What kind of account do I need to redeem my WoW game time code?
How can I redeem my World of Warcraft game card?
How long will my WoW game time code remain valid?

Buy a World of Warcraft game code

What am I buying? With a WoW time card you are buying World of Warcraft game time. Depending on your choice of purchase, you will receive a certain amount of days of WoW game time, starting at 60 days.

What can I do on this page? On this page, you can select the right amount of game time and place an order.

What happens after I buy the card? After you have placed an order, you will receive your WoW game time code by email along with instructions about how to redeem the card.

Who is this for? World of Warcraft game time is for anyone who wants to play World of Warcraft without a subscription.

Redeem a WoW game code

Get your WoW game time at Select the card with the right amount of game time, enter your email address and choose one of the secure payment methods. After a successful payment, you will receive the game time code directly by email. You can redeem the code online. Once you’ve redeemed your World of Warcraft code, you will receive game time so you can continue playing and start searching for your next quest or battle.

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