Playstation Plus Membership
PlayStation Plus Membership Code

PlayStation Plus Membership Code

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PlayStation Plus 12 Months


PlayStation Plus 12 Months

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  • Order in minutes
    Order in minutes Simply choose the product and amount you need
  • Pay safely and securely
    Pay safely and securely Safe payment options, like Visa and PayPal
  • Get your code fast
    Get your code fast Receive your code on screen or by email
What is PlayStation Plus ?
How much is PlayStation Plus in Ireland ?
What can I use my PlayStation Plus Code for?
What kind of account do I need to redeem my PlayStation Plus Code?
How can I redeem my PlayStation Plus code?
How long is my PlayStation Plus code valid for?
How do I check how long my PlayStation Plus membership will still last?
How do I reach PlayStation's customer service?

Buy a PS Plus Membership Code

What am I buying? Purchase a PlayStation Plus code to begin a PS Plus Membership. With this, you can play multiplayer online, receive regular games and gain access to special deals on the PlayStation Store.

What do I do here? Simply choose the length of the PlayStation membership you want. Then, pay using PayPal, Debit or Credit card on our secure payment system.

I have paid. And now? When your payment has been confirmed, a new page will appear with your unique code from Rapido. This will include instructions to redeem your code. An email will follow with the same code and information.

Who is this page suitable for? This product is for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita players based in Ireland. Using gift codes makes topping up safer and enables you to keep better control over you or your children's spending.

Redeem a PS Plus Membership Code

Ready for online multiplayer on your PS3 or PS4? Want access to awesome new deals and receive free great games monthly? Then it is probably time for a PlayStation Plus membership. Wherever you are in Ireland and no matter the time a day, you can buy a PS plus membership easily and instantly in Simply select the length of your subscription and pay with PayPal, debit or credit card. Check your email inbox: within 30 seconds you will receive your PS Plus activation code. Recharge now with a PlayStation Plus voucher to get the most out of your PlayStation console experience.

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