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Payment methods

VISA and MasterCard
If you want to pay by VISA or MasterCard, you should start by filling out your billing address after selecting either a MasterCard or VISA credit card. The actual payment process will start as soon as you click on the “Save and continue” button. After a successful payment, your phone credit will be refilled automatically. You can pay with a VISA credit card, VISA debit card (including VISA Delta and VISA Electron) or MasterCard.

Online payments using PayPal are hugely popular worldwide. PayPal has been operating as an intermediary for online and mobile payments since 1999. On Recharge.com, you can also pay using PayPal. When choosing your payment method, just select the PayPal option. In the next step, you will simply login to your PayPal account and confirm your payment. The payment will be processed immediately. Once the transaction has been completed, your phone credit will be refilled.

Maestro debit card
At Recharge.com you can easily pay with a Maestro debit card. Simply select the Maestro payment method and fill in your debit card details. If your payment is successful, your phone credit top up will be processed instantly.

JCB is the only international payment brand to be located in Japan. The way it works is trusted by users worldwide. Do you prefer paying with JCB? Then choose JCB as your payment method and continue the payment process. Your call credit will be refilled right after the transaction has been completed.