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    Order in minutes Simply choose the product and amount you need
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    Pay safely and securely Safe payment options, like Visa and PayPal
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    Get your code fast Receive your code on screen or by email
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Neosurf Voucher

What am I buying? A Neosurf voucher code enables you to shop or game securely online without having to submit any bank details, keeping you safe from hackers. Simply use your unique 10-digit code on any partner website instead of entering your credit card information. The Neosurf card makes a fantastic present and is ideal for keeping track of online purchasing, as it’s not possible to overspend. A Minor Neosurf card, which can’t be used on adult-only websites, is also available for children.

What can I do here? This page is where you decide on the value of your voucher. Neosurf gift cards are available in various amounts ranging between €10 and €100. Rapido makes it super-easy to purchase your voucher code in just 30 seconds through a choice of safe payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Maestro. Simply click on your preferred option to get started.

I have paid. What’s next? As soon as your payment has gone through, we’ll send you a unique voucher code on email. This normally only takes 30 seconds, so don’t go anywhere! You can redeem your gift card on any partner website at the checkout stage by choosing the Neosurf option and submitting the 10-digit code. Rapido’s secure payment system makes the whole process quick and easy.

Who is this page suitable for? If you’re concerned about online security, the flexible prepaid Neosurf card is ideal. You can safely enjoy gaming, entertainment or shopping without having to give out your bank details. It also helps you keep track of spending, as it won’t let you go overdrawn. Your card balance is available to view at any time on the Neosurf website. It also makes a great gift. What’s more, there’s a special Minor version for children that won’t work on adult-only websites.

Neosurf Card

The Neosurf prepaid card makes online shopping, gaming and entertainment safe and stress-free. Choose from more than 20,000 participating sites and take control of your online spending with no transaction charges, no chance to accidentally overspend, and no need to give your credit or debit card details. You don’t even have to open an account! A Neosurf voucher can be used anonymously if you wish, keeping you safe from hackers as it is completely separate from your bank account. There’s even a lower value Minor voucher for children which can’t be used on adult-only websites, giving extra peace of mind. Neosurf codes also provide a perfect solution for anyone without a credit card. At Rapido we keep things fast, simple and secure – we can email you a Neosurf voucher code in just 30 seconds. Why not give safer shopping a try?
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