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What can I use my NCSoft Game Card for?
What kind of account do I need to redeem my NCSoft Game Card?
How can I redeem the NCSoft Game Card?
How long does my NCSoft Game Card remain valid for?
How can I check my NCSoft Game Card credit balance?
Where can I spend my NCSoft Game Card?

Buy NCoin Points

What can I buy here? On this page you can buy NCSoft Game Cards, which you can redeem for NCoin, the currency created for a number of games developed by NCSoft.

What can I do here? On this page, you can pick the right denomination for your NCSoft Game Card.

What happens after I buy the card? After you have successfully placed an order, you will receive your NCSoft Game Card by email, along with instructions about how you can redeem the code.

Who is this for? NCSoft Game Cards are perfect for those who wish to use the in-game currency NCoin for the games created by NCSoft.

Redeem Ncoin Points

If you play Blade & Soul, Lineage II or any other games created by NCSoft, you might need some NCoins. NCoin is the in-game currency created for NCSoft games, making it possible to purchase experience boosts, items, and more. For example, in Blade & Soul you can also use your NCoins in the ‘Hongmoon Store’ to help your character progress. Getting your NCoin is easy with an NCSoft Game Card from simply select the card you wish to purchase, fill in your email address, select your preferred payment method, and you will receive your NCSoft Game Card in just 30 seconds.

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