FIFA 20 Points Xbox One
FIFA 20 Points Xbox One

FIFA 20 Points Xbox One

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500 FIFA 20 Points


500 FIFA 20 Points for Xbox One

750 FIFA 20 Points


750 FIFA 20 Points for Xbox One

1050 FIFA 20 Points


1050 FIFA 20 Points for Xbox One

1600 FIFA 20 Points


1600 FIFA 20 Points for Xbox One

12000 FIFA 20 Points


12000 FIFA 20 Points for Xbox One

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What are FIFA 20 Points?
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How do I redeem my FIFA 20 Points code?
How long are FIFA 20 Points valid for?

Redeem a FIFA 20 Points code

What am I buying? With FIFA 20 Points, you can build your ideal team in FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA points are important to the online game mode of FUT, and are the fastest way to create and strengthen your football team.

What do I do here? Decide how many FIFA Points you would like to purchase, ranging from 500 to 12,000 points. Once you have selected your Gift Card amount, safely pay using our secure system. Then, choose your payment option of PayPal, Debit or Credit Card.

I have paid. And now? As soon as your payment has been confirmed, you will be redirected to a page containing your FIFA 20 Points code and clear instructions for redeeming it. An email containing the same information will be immediately sent to your Inbox and can be used straight away.

Who is this page suitable for? This is an ideal gift card for anyone in Ireland who plays FIFA 20 on an Xbox One. With multiple FIFA 20 Points code cards to choose from, get the FIFA Points that suit your needs and control your spending.

Buy a FIFA 20 Points code

Irish football fanatics rejoice! Buy official FIFA Ultimate Team points to pull together an 11-a-side squad ready for the World stage. When you buy FIFA 20 Points code for Xbox One on Rapido, you will receive your code in 30 seconds. Rapido offers a secure system where you can use PayPal, Debit or Credit card to buy FIFA 20 Points, and take your team to the next level. Style and substance? There’s never been a faster way to build your team and their kit on FIFA 20 then with FUT Point digital codes
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