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Eir Mobile Top Up

Eir Mobile Top Up

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How do I top up my Eir Mobile call credit?
How do I check my Eir Mobile credit balance?
How long is my Eir Mobile call credit valid for?
How do I contact Eir Mobile customer care?

Buy an Eir Mobile top up code

What am I buying? Eir is Ireland's biggest telecom company and has a high-quality service. On this page, you can buy an Eir Mobile top up code for use in Ireland.

What do I do here? Choose the quantity of call credit you wish to buy for Eir Mobile pay-as-you-go. Once chosen, safely pay using our secure system, with either PayPal, Credit card or Debit card.

I have paid. And now? Now that you have safely paid with Rapido, you will be redirected to a new page with your code and instructions of use. We will also swiftly send you an email with your unique code and instructions on how to redeem the code ready for use.

Who is this page suitable for? This page is suitable for people living in Ireland and using Eir as a mobile provider. We are a convenient option for Eir Mobile customers. Rather than buying a voucher in-store, with Rapido, you can access our safe services and instantly get an Eir Mobile top up code ready to be used.

Redeem an Eir Mobile top up code

Home or away, never worry about your Eir Mobile Ireland running out of credit. With an Eir Mobile pay as you go phone, you can decide when your Eir Mobile quick top up is needed. With Rapido, you can choose your desired amount of Eir Mobile call credit, and pay safely using either PayPal or a debit/credit card. In 30 seconds we will send you an email with your unique Eir Mobile top up code, ready to be added to your credit immediately. Rapido provides convenient and secure top up Eir Mobile codes online, so you don’t have to go to their store and pick them up yourself. 
Terms of Service
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