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  • Order in minutes
    Order in minutes Simply choose the product and amount you need
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    Pay safely and securely Safe payment options, like Visa and PayPal
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    Get your code fast Receive your code on screen or by email
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What can I do here? A CASHlib voucher allows you to shop safely online without having to give your bank details. Just use your unique code on any partner website to pay for items instead of entering your credit or debit card information. It’ll stop hackers in their tracks! The card also makes a great gift and is ideal for children, as they won’t be able to overspend. A word of warning: keep the voucher in a safe place. If it gets lost, someone else could use the code.

What can I do here? This is where you decide how much to spend. CASHlib vouchers are available in a variety of amounts ranging from €10 to €100. Rapido makes it quick and easy to purchase your gift card in just a few seconds using a variety of secure payment methods including PayPal and credit card. Just click on your preferred option to get going.

I have paid. What’s next? The minute payment is confirmed we’ll email you your unique voucher code. This will remain valid for 12 months, so don’t forget to use it. You can redeem the voucher on any participating website by selecting the CASHlib option and entering the code at checkout. Rapido’s safe, reliable payment options make the process swift and secure.

Who is this page suitable for? This versatile prepaid card is ideal for anyone concerned about staying safe online, as you can enjoy shopping or gaming without having to divulge your bank details. It also helps you control your spending as it’s impossible to go overdrawn. You can keep track of your balance at any time by visiting the CASHlib website. The voucher also makes a great gift that a lucky recipient can spend safely in a wide range of online gaming and retail stores.

CASHlib Voucher

CASHlib makes shopping online quick, easy and secure. Take control of your payments with no transaction fees, no overspending and no need to apply for a credit card. The anonymity of a CASHlib voucher will protect you from hackers as there is no path to your bank account. You’ll never be able to go overdrawn either, so there won’t be any unexpected bank charges. Numerous online shops and gaming sites accept CASHlib, making it an extremely versatile and flexible form of payment. And, of course, it’s the ideal solution for anyone without a credit card. Buy CASHlib for your children to help them control their spending and shop safely online, or get one as a gift for the person who has everything. Rapido can send a voucher whizzing to your inbox in just a few clicks.
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