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What can I use my PlayStation Plus card for?
What kind of account do I need to redeem my PS Plus code?
How can I redeem my PlayStation Plus code?
How long is my PS Plus card valid for?
For which consoles can I use my PS Plus subscription?

Redeem a PS4 Plus Code

What am I buying? These convenient gift cards allow you to take out a subscription to PlayStation Plus. They offer a fast, safe way to enjoy all the benefits of membership without having to use a credit card. We’ll email you a digital code within 30 seconds, so you can activate your subscription straight away. It’s easy to redeem the voucher on your games console.

What do I do here? This is where you decide how long you want the membership to last. A three-month subscription costs £19.99 – that’s less than 23p per day. And you’ll find a year-long subscription is even better value at £49.99, which works out at under 14p a day. Just click on your preferred option.

I have paid. And now? As soon as payment has been confirmed we’ll send the voucher code directly to your email. Clear instructions on how to redeem the code will be included. You can do this easily via your PlayStation console. The whole process is lightning quick with Rapido.

Who is this page suitable for? These gift cards are ideal for keen gamers. Anyone who uses their PlayStation a lot and enjoys trying out new games for free every month will love one of these subscriptions. The benefits of membership also include exclusive discounts and offers. Use the vouchers for the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita consoles. Remember, the cards are only valid in the UK.

Buy a PS Plus Membership Code

Are you a true gamer? Do you like keeping up to date with the latest games, features and add-ons? Then a PlayStation Plus 12 month membership card would be perfect for you! Or maybe you know someone who would love it as a gift. With Rapido you can buy a PSN Plus voucher and activate your subscription in seconds. It will work with PS3, PS4 and PS Vita consoles. Enjoy online multi-player action with other like-minded souls, store your games in the Cloud for later use, and get two free games to try every month. Still not sure? Then why not give PS Plus membership a go for three months. It’s easy through Rapido. We guarantee you’ll be back later for a PS Plus 12 month card!

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