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PlayStation Now code

PlayStation Now code

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PlayStation Now 1 Month

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Redeem a PlayStation Now code

What am I buying? On this page, you can buy a PS Now subscription code which will give you access to hundreds of PlayStation games (PS4, PS3 and PS2). Easily play and redeem your subscription code in the PlayStation Store on your PC or PS4 console.

What do I do here? Choose from either one, three or twelve month PlayStation Now subscription code. We only require your email address, so that we can send the code and instructions straight to your inbox. Then simply pay using PayPal, Debit or Credit Card on our secure system.

I have paid. And now? As soon as your payment has been confirmed, an email will be sent in 30 seconds, including your unique PS Now subscription code and instructions on how to redeem the code.

Who is this page suitable for? This subscription is the perfect gift for a gamer looking to play new and old PlayStation games. There is something for everyone with such a vast selection of games to play on PS4 or your PC. With a PlayStation Now subscription code, you can stay in control of how many months you wish to pay for the subscription.

Buy a PlayStation Now code

Instantly stream the latest and best PlayStation games on your PS4 or PC with a PS Now subscription, and access over 700 hundred ever-expanding games on demand. Buying a subscription for PlayStation Now is quick and easy on With our secure payment system, use PayPal, Debit or Credit card, and receive your code by email in only 30 seconds. With 3 subscription choices available, you can be as flexible as your gaming needs. Maybe you complete games in a few days, or you get to the 5th level and want to explore other games instead. With new PS Now UK games every month, you will never get bored of just one game. With excellent value for money and a great selection of games to choose from, there is something for everyone. Although it is simple to cancel a PlayStation Now subscription whenever you want, a PS Now Subscription gives you hundreds of the best games on PlayStation Now. So what are you waiting for? Stream or download your favourite PS Now games today!
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