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    Order in minutes Simply choose the product and the amount you need
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    Pay safely and securely Safe payment options, like Visa and PayPal
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Are Orange and EE the same company?
How do I top up my Orange call credit?
How do I check my Orange credit balance?
How long is my Orange call credit valid for?
How do I top up Orange from abroad?
How do I contact the Orange customer service?

Orange Pay as you Go top up

Please note: Orange is now EE When you place an order on this page, you will receive an EE top up code. This is perfectly normal as Orange has now become a part of EE, the mobile phone provider. What am I buying? You can purchase here Orange (now EE) pay as you go credit so you can top up quickly, safely and easily, no matter where you are or the time of the day. What do I do here? This page is where you choose your Orange top-up amount: from £5 to £50. Safe and reliable payment can be made using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro cards. I have paid. And now? As soon as the payment is confirmed, you’ll receive an email with the digital voucher code as well as instructions on how to use it to top up. This normally happens within 30 seconds but can sometimes take a little longer. Who is this page suitable for? Most people who use our service are pay-as-you-go customers who do wish to have a monthly mobile phone contract. Thanks to Rapido, you can top up immediately, anywhere and at any time.

Top up Orange directly online

As a pay as you go user, it can sometimes be daunting to run low on credit at an inconvenient time or place (let's be honest: when else does it ever happen?). Fortunately for you, your mobile balance running low no longer has to mean stress. Indeed, Rapido make it possible for you to top up your mobile credit, whether it's Orange or any other provider, quickly, safely and extremely easily. Simply select the Orange top up amount you want, pay using safe and convenient payment methods such as PayPal, Mastercard, Visa or American Express, and receive your Orange top up code within 30 seconds by email! Thanks to Rapido, you can top up for Orange online and get back to making phone calls within minutes.
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